It's time to give our kids the CONFIDENCE they need to deal with the real world out there. It's time to give them the right physical and mental tools so they won't be picked on by other kids or picked out as a target by a predator!

Welcome to the A.C.W.A. Kids program! We will teach your child to stop/des-escalate/resolve/handle conflict through use of both words and the creation of physical boundaries, but if necessary, as a last resort, the use of very effective defensive skills. We teach our kids not only how to defend themselves from BULLIES, but also a host of Anti-Abduction skills since as they grow up, you won't always be around. Gain the piece of mind to know that you've given them the training they need to get home safe! Fence

"The issue of bullying and verbal harassment is a problem that is not going away. It's time to equip our kids with the skills they need to confront these issues. These are the very things I teach my children and the very concepts I used when I was bullied in school myself."


We teach your child how to maintain their cool when angry, how to respond appropriately to someone that may be mad at them, and how to really listen to what others are communicating. We use training drills, pad hitting, games, and discussion topics to fully engage your child and keep the class both fun and educational at the same time.


Makes your kid a harder target
Learn to defend him/herself
Learn how to handle bullies
Anti-Kidnapping skills
Experience an increase in self-esteem and confidence
Experience an increase in motor skills and balance
Learn verbal de-escallation skills
Learn respect and life skills they can draw on for life
FUN, we use drills & games so they can retain the learning

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In this program one parent will help or participate with the child during the class. This not only gives you a chance to share a special bonding experience with your child but also shows you how to work these lessons and drills with them at home to reinforce the lessons learned in class!

No more sitting there on the sidelines just waiting!


For children ages 4-12
Class is 6-6:45PM on Thursday nights
Uniform: Black T-Shirt, Blue Jeans and Shoes
Low monthly costs and no hidden fees!
Multichild discounts available
No cost for parents to attend
Short term programs available


Phone: 469-939-2462 or email: